27 April 2014

easter 2014 - a whole week late

i am busy, busy, busy. i forget to take pictures. and when i do, i forget to post. here are a few easter highlights.

finally, the snow melted and my snowdrops appeared, just in time for the holiday. as soon as the flowers have gone by, i'm moving these bulbs to a place that gets sun!

lemon meringue pie. i've wanted this since january so i promised myself i'd make it for easter dinner. the last time i made lemon meringue pie, i forgot to bake the meringue and i served it to visitors from spain who could not speak english. to say the woman was puzzled is putting it mildly. "mer-en-gay???" she kept asking me. "si!", said i. 

carrots cut like flowers. because i don't have anything better to do at one in the morning on easter sunday!

confetti remnants in the yard from a the first annual confetti-egg celebration. the little girl read about confetti eggs in school and had to make some. she sure had a good time breaking them and watching the confetti fly!

and yes, my annual easter balloon was delivered in secret. again
i am blessed with a very good friend. :-)


Anonymous said...

pretty nice blog, following :)

Kate Mossy said...

Snow drops! Happy New England Spring to you.