22 January 2014

deep freeze

so much for the january thaw. we are back in startlingly cold weather once more. i fill the wood stove several times a day and still wear fleece and scarves in the house. i bury myself under the covers at night and wake up with a cold nose. i even bought long underwear! i'm about to throw caution to the wind - and money out the window - and just turn the heat up to 75°. if anyone catches me complaining about the heat this summer, remind me of days like this one!

it seems all i do in winter is write about the weather. but in extended periods of cold like this one, it's a big part of what goes on around here. it occurs to me, though, that i never seem to remember from one year to the next exactly how cold it's really going to get. and would i leave this area because of it? nah.


Linda said...

When we thin it's cold in Texas - and it didn't get out of the 30's today - I remember what it's like up north!!!! We seldom turn our heat on - but it's been on lately - at least for a few hours a day!!

chris said...

Linda, i have relatives in Houston so it's one of the locations where I watch the weather and temperatures. it seems like it's been unusually cold this winter and it's made me wonder if folks there are prepared for that kind of cold (clothes, services, etc).