08 December 2013

comes the snow

every year on this day i am driven to get out one final time with the camera. for tomorrow promises snow. tomorrow the barren late-autumn landscape will be transformed to winter white and will likely stay that way for too many months to come.
winter brings its own kind of muffled, pristine beauty with mounds of white upon white and dark branches on brilliant or muted or star-studded skies. but, for me, color and interest are hard to come by in winter. inside always looks better to me than outdoors. more color. more contrast. more going on.
but for now, for today, it's frosty and still, with perfect glassy ice on lakes and ponds, with crackling air as branches creak in the chill, with gray banks of threatening clouds looming overhead. my eye, and my camera lens, can see things today that will soon be gone too long with tomorrow's snow.


marie grady palcic said...

I like the look of the browns and textures in late fall too. little things stand out and it's all beautiful.
but I do love the beauty of winter. I don't want to be out in it, but I need a window (preferably my car window)

love the pics :)

Mimsie said...

Wishing you and yours a very happy holiday season! Look forward to seeing beautiful winter photos in the new year.