29 July 2013


there's my perennial garden, taken out the window during a rain storm as i experimented with settings on my new camera. note the milkweed standing tall and proud and the dead lupine pods on brittle brown stems! still, this is about as good as this garden gets. in a few weeks, most of the flowers will be dead on their stems (or composted centerpieces) with only the autumn joy sedum for color and perhaps the rosy morning glories climbing that trellis, should they have enough time to bloom. every year i buy cosmos seed for annual color. and every year i never get around to planting them. and i am always so sorry come august.


Irene said...

Well then, write yourself a note on the calendar next year so you won't forget. There's no excuse for that!

~she~ said...

I want to plant some tall perennials on the side of my property, in front of the pine trees that line our yard. I wish I had a green thumb friend who could take a look & tell me what to do. You available??? :)