09 August 2012


i've recently had a much-needed week away and a much-appreciated visit with good friends. these are a few of my favorite random shots.

a bald eagle greets me the minute i step from the car! i took about a gazillion shots, but really wanted to capture him as he lifted off from the rocks. i waited and i waited, but finally looked away to swat at an annoying mosquito. that's when he took off - and when i missed the shot!

all around my host's house, thistle grows. a fascinating flower with interesting thorny leaves. i'm always so happy when the blooms coincide with my visit. 

again this year, we visited with a 91 year old woman in town. she's vibrant and so interesting and i hope i grow up to be just like her. i watched her face closely as she talked across the table, eyes lighting up and wrinkles coming and going, and she was beautiful. i so wanted to take her picture, then desaturate it to black and white, showing all those wonderful creases and lines. but i settled for her pincushion, tucked into the corner of the sill by her open window.


susan t. landry said...

ohhh. a wonderful post, chris. i would have loved both these things, too. so glad you had such a fine get-away!

Tabor said...

Oh, please, why were you not brave enough to take her portrait. Not that I would be, but I hate those shots you walk away from. Eagles are smart enough to fool the paparazzi.

Karrie Ehlers said...
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chris said...

Tabor: i agonized over that decision because i really wanted the shot! but, although i like her a lot, i don't know this woman very well. i just didn't want to put her on the spot by asking, that's all, especially in front of other people. next year, God willing... Karrie Ehlers, i don't know what it was about that pincushion that drew me in - perhaps the different colored spheres on the pins, or the red of the cushion with the white of the curtain - but i really wanted that shot, too. happy you got some enjoyment from it! and susan t. landry, it was a fine, fine getaway - just what i needed before the flurry of a new year begins!

R. J. said...

Beautiful eagle. I have a red pin cushion too but the little strawberry got lost.