12 May 2012

may 12 of 12: the may flowers that april showers bring

twelve flowers from the garden and the yard. i snapped, snapped, snapped quickly so i could get out and get my hands dirty in their soil on this spectacular saturday!

bleeding heart, aptly named.

daffodils, still. these are the last ones. 
tiny with multiple flowers on each stem - my favorites.

started from one small plant several years back, 
they are now everywhere!

a lone johnny-jump-up. 
he's the only one i have in the whole yard. 
guess he jumped up out of nowhere!

lenten rose. not much to look at, 
but delicate and early blooming. and a wonderful name. 
i have about six of these, different varieties, different colors. 

money plant
from seed that was scattered into the woods by the yard. 
i keep waiting for these to produce real money. no such luck. 

pink phlox on the bank - and look! a tiny insect!

wild strawberries. everywhere. 

violets. also everywhere. 

white lilac. there are two huge bushes. 
they don't smell as good as purple ones
but i like them better anyway. 

white phlox. grows near the pink phlox!

some sort of yellow primrose. 
these came from an acquaintance's garden. 
not sure why i like these so much, 
but they're one of my favorites in the garden. 



"effervescencia" said...

Those forget-me-nots, they look so beautiful that they don't seem real! Straight out of a fantasy book...

Cherie Blessing said...

This post made my day. Yesterday I made a tiny bouquet of some of these flowers to set right beside me to enjoy.

Kate said...


ZEKE said...

Oh how I love those forget-me-nots! Try as I might I just can't get them to grow at my house. Yours are so lovely.