24 February 2012

snow at dusk

after waiting for it all day, snow started falling gently, right at dusk. for the most part, it's been a snowless winter this year and i've liked it - no boots, no hats, no snowy roads or walkways to negotiate. there's been the tiniest bit of snow on the ground, just enough to make it the landscape look white and like it's february. but it hasn't even felt that way with warm temperatures and fleece jackets instead of wool coats. i can't help but wonder if all that may change now.


Irene said...

I hope you don't get a lot of snow, although I'm sure it looks very pretty. We finally had some this month but it didn't last very long. That was all I needed to get a taste of winter.

Tabor said...

I never thought I would be nostalgic about winter after the previous nasty ones we have had...but only one dusting this year. Wind is howling like a banshee outside right now.

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid I can do without snow. I love looking at it but I don't like living with it!