09 August 2011

away time

the top ten ways you can tell a vacation is perfect

#10: you love the audiobook you listen to for 12 hours in the car
#9: a side trip off the beaten path yields a fabulous new shop that's just your style
#8: the sound of gulls mixes with the drone of the engines of lobster boats
#7: the red sox beat the yankees - twice!
#6: crabmeat rolls for lunch and lobster rolls for dinner
#5: you wake up in the early morning light, smile out the window at the boats and the fog, read a little bit, then go back to sleep - and dream
#4: goose grass greens and pretzel m&ms
#3: the hostess with the mostess may not understand the desire for quiet and solitude, but she sure does honor it!
#2: great finds at flea markets
and the number one way you can tell a vacation is perfect:
already, you can't wait to go back next summer!


Lynne said...

Glad you had a wonderful time!

susan t. landry said...

sounds like Maine to me!
and, sounds terrific! glad you had a wonderful vacation!

~she~ said...

Sounds perfect!

Nora said...

That sounds like a truly perfect time you had. I'm so envious.

Lynn said...

Sounds awesome, love your hydrangea pic.

Graciegreen said...

Sounds like I need to go there...glad your trip was great!

Graciegreen said...

Oh, What was the audio book you listened to in the car?? I've been meaning to ask you?

chris said...

Graciegreen: the book i listened to on the six hour trip was The Help, which i see you have already read! when i reached my destination, i started reading my print copy where i left off with the audiobook. by then, of course, i was hooked! i finished the book on vacation, left it for my hostess, then listened to my favorite parts (like the ball!) all the way home! i'm seeing the movie this weekend!!