01 July 2009

first of the month

a child once shared with me that it was good luck to say "rabbit, rabbit" before anything else upon awakening on the first day of a new month. i usually don't remember to do it and don't even think about it until much later in the day. but today i did remember and now feel oddly satisfied with the fact that i said it! maybe i should go buy a lottery ticket!


maryv said...

The child to whom you give credit for your 1st-of-the-month ritual is upstairs spouting forth about the ignominy of being referred to as just "a child" from your past. Of course, she is looking at it from the vantage point of a college graduate who feels she is clearly the best of your lot! It seems an even exchange of rabbit lore took place, since it was from you that we learned to look sideways to find the one living on the moon!

chris said...

tell "the child" aka college grad (and absolutely one of the best of the lot!) that protecting my sources is of vital importance to me. but i'm glad she recognized herself! and every time i see the rabbit in the moon, i think of her class and smile.