25 April 2009

wee beastie

if spring is here, if windows are open, even if screens are in, can inside insects be far behind? this beautiful specimen is the first of the season. i have no idea what it is. all i know is it doesn't belong in the bedroom. and, by the way, it's really not as big as it may look!


Anonymous said...

and the creature who flew in my face when i went to put something in the cupboard the other day, didn't belong in my kitchen either.

gretchen said...

Barry knows what they are. I'll have him leave a comment. All I know is that they're everywhere -- and they are some kind of invasive beetle.

They must stink because even Murray won't pounce on them. She sniffs and backs off.


Anonymous said...

How wonderful the wide array of nature's little miracles! To muse at evolution's wit I've wiled away some hours. But be forewarned, beastie wee, stay in in your element--which I profess--is out of doors. Come on to my turf, and, well, you'd best be wary of my beastie-stomping boot!!!

chris said...

beastie stomping boots! great idea! thank you for the comment!

gretchen-if i find out if they stink, i'll let you know!