28 March 2009

my own march madness

at a break in the npr programming this morning, the announcer mentioned the date: march 28th. it caught me by surprise to hear that march is that close to being over. but it's fine by me. of all the months of the year, march is my least favorite. truth be told, i just don't like it. it's long. it's bleak. it's messy with mud. signs of spring appear in march but at a sluggish pace that makes me even more anxious for the month to end and april to begin. save st. patrick's day, which is not a big deal around here, there is little cause for celebration. march teases - extended daylight but wind chill temperatures, spring training but no major league games, pussy willows in snow still too deep to get through. making it to the end of march always feels like a major accomplishment. yet with a bittersweet twist, the days spent passing through it seem to fly by faster as each year cycles.

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