13 June 2008

dress up

growing up, the girl was not a big fan of dresses. it's not surprising, then, that the baby girl has never worn one. in the girl's defense, dresses for infants are not very practical. they're drafty. they're itchy. and drooling on a dress is somehow much worse than drooling on, say, a onesie or a playset. but with the upcoming birthday also comes a special gift giving opportunity. i have been eyeing this smocked seersucker sundress for months and finally, i just caved in and bought it. will the girl let the baby wear it? i hope so. will the baby girl like wearing a dress? i don't know. will she be able to crawl in it? probably not. but she sure will look adorable in it - even if there is a little drool down the front.


Anonymous said...

Our first ballet teacher, a retired pediatrician, also did beautiful smocking. She created a beautiful lavender dress for Hannah's 1st birthday. Drool is easier to cope with than sweet potato and the commemorative photo will be lovely!

the girl said...

I do admit that the dress is cute, and she will certainly wear it. In fact, it has made us start thinking about setting her up for her first professional pictures. Thanks mom!