27 February 2008

set to expire

this milk has been sitting in my fridge since saturday. seven weeks from today it promises to sour and go bad. in seven weeks easter will be over and spring will be here. the red sox will have played the yankees five times. daffodils might be in bloom and robins may have returned. so perhaps when i'm sitting at an open window in the warm evening air listening to peepers, i'll have a glass of milk. because this milk will still be good even then. and that's a pretty disturbing thought.


the girl said...

7 weeks?!? I wish that was a typo. Instead it is a sad statement about what our food has become.

Anonymous said...

we have "long life" milk here but, once you open the tetra brik, it will last only a few days. it's very convenient though being able to stock up on milk and not keep running to the store to lug it home every few days. and...it tastes good. jg