28 November 2006


i love to drive back country roads with ramshackled houses and rows of mailboxes and deer in the fields. and i do not like to drive highways. no opportunities to look around at scenery and too much watching-out-for-the-other-guy. such was the case this morning when i observed a late model jeep cut across two lanes of traffic to get to the passing lane - in about four seconds. idiot, i thought - as the jeep went screaming off ahead of me. then a few miles down the road, three cars in front of me, the aforementioned idiot screeched to a halt, smoking tires and all. the car behind the jeep swerved. the car in front of me braked. i slammed the brakes and prayed that ABS was real. and it was. when it was over i stopped at the rest area and got sick. give me back roads any day.

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