26 April 2013

into the woods

today was our first time in the woods since snow melt. now the canopy is sprinkled with fat clusters of tree flowers and ferns' tight circles begin to poke up through the surface of the ground. the stream courses downhill as the little girl wonders aloud where the water is coming from. she adds many natural elements to the pool, predicting which will sink and which will float, then trying to adapt them so they will do the opposite. we sit together on the damp ground. there may be ticks, i think. but i silently promise to check us carefully - and there we sit, playing in the chill water and revelling in springtime.

18 April 2013

compost flowers

tiny daffodils, greeting me as I make my first post-winter trip to the compost pile. likely they are survivors from some discarded potted plant. this happens every year but never ceases to surprise and delight me. it's really starting to look like spring.

10 April 2013

rising green

here they come - at last!!
i am hopeful that tonight's rain will wash away all that's left of the snow. it's time for spring!

07 April 2013


a good morning of coloring and reading, talking and laughing. after a full week of being away, being sick, being homebound and feverish, today the little girl visited for a while. it was wonderful to see her animated and healthy again - even if she is still snuffling a bit.

01 April 2013

spring sky

cumulous clouds at sunset on the first evening of april. 
pink on blue after a winter of too much white & gray.