12 February 2020

heart day

i was in the greeting card section of the store looking for valentines, and a man and woman came up and stood, one on each side of me, and started going through the cards, much like i was. suddenly the guy says “i found yours!” and a few minutes later the woman says “and i found yours!” so they stepped behind me, exchanged their cards, read them aloud, and gushed over the sentiments. then they kissed and put the cards back in the rack. i looked at them and said “that’s sweet! aren’t you buying those for each other?” and the woman says, “no, we do this every valentine’s day. we find the perfect cards for each other, trade them and read them, but we don’t buy them. we’ve been been doing it for 41 years, and look,” she says, “we saved over eight dollars just this year alone!” romantic and smart!! happy heart day to you and your valentine!

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Melanie said...

Ha.... what a great idea! Great share!!